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eric binky georgie zoe sachiWe think the world of the entire staff at Bayshore Animal Hospital. Everyone provides the best care possible and gives our fur-children their undivided attention combined with professional skill, compassion and love. They always take the time to phone inquiring as to the condition of an ailing pet, indicating their genuine caring and concern. Dr. Sheila Kilponen always answers our numerous medical questions and makes time for emergencies whenever we call. She has seen us through some sad times with our Zoe and, most recently, our Sachi... we feel blessed to have her and the staff in our lives and hearts!

- Sharon and Eric Krask, Binky and Georgie in remembrance of Zoe and Sachi.

nobleThe entire staff not only earned our trust, but our dog's trust too. They genuinely care and it shows - we wouldn't take our pets anywhere else.

- Amy Bornstein

eric binky georgie zoe sachiI have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Pope and his entire staff at Bayshore Animal Hospital. They have taken care of my three dogs, (Rosie, Molly and Ivy) for years. When Ivy my Vizsla got hit by a car last Halloween night nobody gave her much hope, but Dr. Pope and his wonderful staff worked their magic with care and compassion. Today she is as good as new. My dogs love Bayshore Animal Hospital.

- Sara Hauke

maggieI have fostered many dogs for the Clatsop County Animal Shelter over the last few years. I get the sick and injured ones and take care of them until they're well enough to go back to find their forever homes. During the time they've been with me, they've been cared for by the staff at Bayshore Animal Hospital. I've watched everyone at Bayshore tend to these homeless, ownerless and helpless animals with tenderness and true concern for their well being. After watching them with these animals and seeing how much they care, I can't imagine taking any of my pets anywhere else. Dr. Pope took care of our beloved Mollydog during her lifetime and now Bayshore will be watching over our newest furry companion - Maggie (also a dog from the Animal Shelter but this one will be staying permanently)!!

- Nancy Newhall

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